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Contact us & get a fair and accurate price for your old vehicle. We always pay top dollar!


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If you are happy with our price we will schedule a pick up time for your vehicle, usually within 24 hours.


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We pay for your vehicle on the spot. This means you will have the cash in your hand when we take your car away.

How Fast Do You Pick Up My Vehicle?

We can come the same day! This means if you are happy with the price we can give you, we will schedule your pick up and come usually within 24 hours. 

Are Prices Negotiable?

When we provide you with a quote we always give the best price we can pay. Prices depend on many factors but a lot has to do with the price of metal. 

Does The Vehicle Condition Matter?

No! The vehicle condition is not a priority. Whether it runs, doesn’t run or has rust on it that is fine with us.  We take vehicles at any level. This of course may affect the price we can pay.

How Much Can I Get For My Vehicle?

This again is a question based on many factors. Some vehicles are worth $100 while others $10,000. It just depends on metal price, size of vehicle, what is left on the car and much more.

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